Bei has moved from California where she was a wonderful massage therapist and had years of experience working a highly successful massage school.  She comes with great recommendations and a wealth of knowledge that she is eager to share.  She has taught extensive classes in Reflexology, Deep Tissue and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Bei will continue the work of the Daniels Institute by maintaining the highest education in massage therapy while offering the student a personal, team based massage education.  Our grads have high pass rates and very long standing, successful professions after graduation.  They are the best in the Valley.

JADE DANIELS, NCMT, BCMT, Admin, Instructor

Jade has been the rocketing force to bring Massage Therapy to its rightful place in our health community.  She established her clientele in 1983 and was the person to work with Roanoke City and surrounding areas to create the new massage laws that place us with Doctors, Chiropractors, Nurses, PT’s.  Jade has a vast background in the healing arts…being a Yoga and T’ai Chi Master, training in Native American healing as well as the traditional Western approach to massage.  She studied with Bonnie Prudden…trigger points and Zhenya Kurashova, a Russian trainer, with both Sports and Medical Massage.  Jade created the Daniels Institute of Massage and held the first class on April 1, 1997.  It has been a joyous and wonderful ride.  Jade has seen the art of massage now blend more mainstream and more medical.

BILL HUGHES, BS, MS, DC    Anatomy Instructor

Bill is highly educated and embodies health and fitness. He is a Physical Education teacher, a tennis coach, and Chiropractor.  His life revolves around fitness and health with massage being one of the methods he personally utilizes. With his positive attitude and a deep appreciation of how the body works Bill establishes a rapport with the students to pass on his knowledge, encouraging them to appreciate the body, and to prepare them to pass their National Exam.  This class has a lot of hands on palpation and assessment training.

CINDY HODGES, RN   Physiology and Pathology Instructor

Cindy has an impressive and successful background in nursing and management. She has a BS in Health Sciences and is a Golden Key Honor Society member.  She is continually improving her teaching skills to give students a new perspective on health and the body.  She is a wonderful teacher that truly cares about her students.

KATELYNNE NICELY,  LMT   Massage Instructor

We are happy to have our grad back with us teaching.  Katelynne is highly educated and has been in the massage field for over 5 years.  Energetic and compassionate, her teaching style will motivate you to be the best you can be.