About Daniels Institute

The dream began in 1982 when Jade Daniels established her massage clientele and devoted her life to bringing alternative practices to Roanoke.

Jade had a three fold dream of educating the Roanoke Valley to the benefits of alternative health practices, create a Center where people could practice these arts and then creating a school so students could educate themselves and then provide these services for their clients.

Jade was aerobics and fitness instructor at the YMCA and taught T’ai Chi and Yoga at many of the local colleges.  She established The Center on Grandin Road and offered T’ai Chi, personal training and Massage Therapy.  It was an uphill effort for massage therapy to gain credibility back then.  Jade was arrested for offering massage therapy for a local detective and went to court.  Roanoke had just gotten rid of the last massage parlors in the late 70’s.  The charges were dropped and never prosecuted.  Jade, in the mean time, had met and befriended the Chief of Police, the City Prosecutor, and many local politicians that she would eventually work with to change the massage ordinances in Roanoke and the surrounding areas.

Jade graduated massage school at The Academy of Healing Arts in Florida in 1987.  She came back and worked with the City and in 1994 the massage ordinances were changed to reflect the medical and health benefits of massage therapy by placing Massage Therapists right after Physical Therapists in the ordinances.

The school was created in 1996 after seeing the growing demand for quality, professional massage therapists. Jade and a group of loving massage therapists created a school that taught with personal attention to each students’ dream.  The school is celebrating its 38th graduating class…fulfilling the dream that started over 30 years ago.

 The first graduating class was in 1997. Many of those students are employed doing what they love. Some of the graduates have come back to be teachers at Daniel’s Institute  – sharing what they love to do.